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The information of ICT in this school started in September, 1997 with four (4) Pentium one (1) computers under Major Asirifi, the then Headmaster in a 4x3 metres room. Madam Janet Anokye and Agbadja Emmanuel were in charge of this small computer lab, which was able to accommodate ten (10) students at a time, because of the few number of computers.

WorldLinks, in 1999 and with collaboration of World Bank supported this school by training three (3) teachers in ICT and also provided ten (10) computers to increase the number of computers in the lab. This took place under Major T. K. Gbegble, the current Headmaster.

Between 2001 and 2002, teachers and students of this school took part in I'EARN projects with other countries. Through these projects, two (2) teachers had the chance of taking part in a two (2) week I'EARN conference in China.

The school also took part in a competition with other schools all over the world on the subject of Photography and this school came first. A digital camera was presented as the prize.

The Headmaster seeing the need of ICT in this school, built a new computer Laboratory of size 21x 8 metres. This has increased the number of computers in the laboratory now into 38, with seven (7) other computers for administrative work.

Présentation du projet pédagogique retenu


The Use of Individual Subject Software, A School's Database And Website To Enhance Teaching And Learning


The objectives of the project are that:

  • Teachers would impact knowledge more easily, effectively and efficiently to students using computers and their individual subjects' software.
  • Students' interest would be aroused and sustained with better understanding of lessons.

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