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Description de l'école

The Accra Technical Training Center is a Technical/Vocational co-educational training institution established through the joint co-operation of the Governments of Ghana and Canada « to provide theoretical and practical instruction for the training of workers for the trades, business, industry and for other occupations as may be required from time to time ». Its main objective, therefore, has been to train skilled manpower for Ghana's industrial requirements.

It was officially opened in July, 1966 and jointly operated by the Canadian and Ghanaian Governments until March 1972, when it was handed over to the Ghana Government.

It is under the Technical Division of the Ghana Education Service of the Ministry of Education. There is a Principal assisted by three Vice-Principals, in charge of academic, domestic and administrative activities. In all there are 15 departments each headed by a course officer.

Présentation du projet pédagogique retenu


Incorporating ICT in the teaching of Building Draughtsmanship


Incorporating ICT in the teaching of Building Draughtsmanship in institutions the following objectives would be achieved.

  • The students will be able to manipulate or modify complex design ideas with great ease as the idea development is pursued. In the construction industry currently, dead-lines have become a greater hallmark that one cannot toy with. Students who are well-versed in Computer-Aided Design or CAD would have the following advantages:
    • accuracy
    • productivity for repetitive operation and
    • using their skills in the building industry
  • To enable Teachers/Instructors/Professionals to share CAD files and related data with colleagues, vendors and clients as compatibility of hardware and software is an important issue in the industry. Maintaining compatible hardware and software allows you the highest probability for sharing data and information with others as well as offering you flexibility in experimenting with and utilizing the latest technological advancement.
  • The school will be able to feed the construction industry in Ghana with products whose learning experience in draughting will suit the current needs and trends in the building industry

Participants à l'équipe pédagogique

  • T. O. ANOR (principal)
  • C. L. KWABLA (vice-principal - academic)
  • Obed ASARE
  • Theophilus AYERTEI
  • Arko DOMETEY
  • Jonathan Marcel HOFFMAN
  • Emmanuel NYARKO
  • Samuel OFORI ODEI


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